Interesting Intervew w/ Michael Tiemann

So I didn’t know who Michael Tiemann was until listening to this interview on Hacker Public Radio, but apparently he’s been one of the most major forces in Open Source over the last couple of decades. He’s incredibly well spoken, knows what he’s about, and the interviewer does a good job of guiding the discussion. Tiemann is also no edge-case hacker who just loves Open Source. He’s the VP of Open Source Affairs at Red Hat, Inc.

I thought my OTRS readers might be especially interested in the interview and in the philosophies presented. Check it out.


PS: I don’t necessarily recommend Hacker Public Radio by default. There are some stellar episodes, for sure, but it’s not like standard commercial podcasts you might be used to where there is consistent subject matter or a consistent host you can form a bond with. All I can say is that I get something out of Hacker Public Radio and you don’t have to be a “hacker” to appreciate every episode (sometimes they’re just talking about how to use free software like LibreOffice Calc effectively). So if you’re shopping around for a new podcast, consider giving it a shot.


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