Quick Note On My Absence

Hi folks. I’m sure no one is watching this blog religiously, but it’s gained more popularity than I ever would have expected–and quickly–so I thought I should post a quick note about why I haven’t been posting lately. First, I did a lot of traveling over the summer and relaxed my commitment to the blog. It was just too much to keep up with. I had plans to start a series on OTRS ITSM this fall, but I at the end of the summer I had a very nice surprise. I was accepted to Georgia Tech’s Online Master of Science in Computer Science program!

I started out taking a single course, hoping that would allow me to ease back into the student mindset and hopefully leave me time to continue with some of my other side projects. However, I’ve found that working full time and taking just one course is usually enough to fill up my time. I’ve gotten much better at managing my time, so I hope to return to the blog soon. I will probably include some posts about what I’m learning in the program, as well. OTRS ITSM is still on my radar. It will just be behind my anticipated schedule.

Thanks everyone for reading and for your kind comments. I look forward to providing more help to you as soon as I can!


One thought on “Quick Note On My Absence

  1. Congratulations! Your OTRS tutorials have helped me a lot, so I’m happy to know good things are happening to you.
    Please update us with news about your Master and I’m eagerly waiting for new OTRS content.

    Keep the good work and thank you for your help!

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