Mobile apps are awesome, but there’s always a “but”

If you’re learning to code because you want to build mobile apps, there’s a perspective on the current state of affairs that you should be familiar with. Jeff Atwood, one of the developers behind and a pretty cool mechanical keyboard, has a blog that I’m really coming to enjoy. He published a post yesterday on some of the bigger problems caused by an increasingly massive mobile app market, including why it’s so frustrating for users–something app developers need to think about if they want their app to win over an audience and become profitable. It’s not a unique perspective, but Atwood is a good writer and articulates the problems well. Plus, it includes a couple of pretty funny cartoons.

Atwood’s post is apocalyptic, as its title suggests, and there’s no reason you have to agree with him. I think he’s pretty insightful, and I’ve gained a lot from some of his posts. Most of them aren’t for beginners, but this one should be accessible to anybody who’s used a smartphone for longer than about a day. Plus, who knows? You’re new to the coding game and not already invested in or bogged down by the existing infrastructure. Maybe you’ll be the one to solve the problems Atwood points out. But even if all you get out of it is a clear picture of the hurdles you have to clear as a mobile app developer, you’ll be a step ahead of a lot of folks who can’t be bothered to care. Like these guys:

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